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About axaio

axaio designs easy to use plug-ins to automate and optimize print output and export processes, based on Adobe InDesign and InCopy. axaio solutions MadeToPrint and MadeToCompare standardize and simplify output workflows in the area of publishing and graphical production.


The integrations of vjoon K4 with MadeToPrint and MadeToCompare are each optional available as vjoon K4 modules:


vjoon K4 integrated with MadeToPrint

vjoon K4 integrated with MadeToPrint is an InDesign plug-in that enables users to export highly automated and standardized file formats directly from within the vjoon K4 editorial database. It is available in two different automation versions – Auto or Server – depending on the customer’s automation demand


MadeToPrint Auto K4 is an InDesign desktop extension to achieve an automated, status-based output from within vjoon K4. Users benefit from the advantages of MadeToPrint output capabilities that are fully integrated into their editorial workflow, ensuring a reliable and effective output process. This way, publishers can streamline print and export operations for any publication format, adding tremendous efficiency and considerable time and cost savings.

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MadeToPrint Server K4 is suitable for companies with high-volume data processing. vjoon K4 is controlled via a MadeToPrint job ticket mode and allows the automated output of InDesign layouts directly from within the editorial database. With MadeToPrint Server for K4, users of vjoon K4 can profit from the power, performance and stability of Adobe InDesign Server as well as the efficient MadeToPrint output.

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vjoon K4 integrated with MadeToCompare

MadeToCompare is the ideal solution for the change and version management in editorial environments, using Adobe InCopy. MadeToCompare excels in detecting and conveniently visualizing even the minutest differences between document versions. In other words, it makes it easier and quicker to find, compare and edit text passages as well as single words for a simplified tracking, especially in editorial environments with different teams. This offers a high level of accuracy, peace-of-mind and considerable savings of time and cost. The MadeToCompare K4 interface allows two vjoon K4 article versions to be compared directly from the system. MadeToCompare’s high accuracy ensures that no important details are overlooked during text and change control. 

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